The Answer Is You

from by Rooftop Getaway



I must admit I feel all alone although
People everywhere in this place and this world
There is no one who makes me feel like home
Please tell me why I have to suffer like this

It all starts with a strange feeling when you look
Into her eyes and then you don’t know what to do
And your heart turns into stone when you have lost her
Please tell me why love is such a hurtful thing

Tell me the answers and I will stop feeling sad

When I look into the sky and realize
That all the stars have disappeared and so the light
I wonder where I now can find my way
Please tell me why life always leads me astray

Sometimes you have to mess with yourself
To find the right way
Sometimes the answer is in the mirror

In the mirror
In the mirror
In the mirror

The answer is in the mirror
The answer is you
The answer is in the mirror
The answer is you


from Life In Disguise, released August 7, 2016



all rights reserved


Rooftop Getaway Mannheim, Germany

Rooftop Getaway from the Rhein-Neckar region combine melodic alternative rock with energetic punk rock.
In conjunction with expressive vocals, a unique blend of catchy melodies and driving guitar riffs is created.

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